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Best time to post on Instagram

 What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Just like the dynamic Instagram’s algorithm, the best time to post on this most popular social media platform keeps changing every year.

With 1 billion active users and 25 million business profiles on Instagram, appearing organically to your followers to drive the maximum engagement rate for your brand’s posts has become a daunting task.

More than 50% of active Instagram users access their account every day.

However, when it comes to generating good traffic or reaching a large number of followers through your brand’s posts, a little research to know the best times to post content on Instagram becomes super essential.

Providing you with relevant information about the timings of a day that might drive good engagements for your posts, this blog will help you to boost your online visibility.


Publishing content on Instagram at the correct time is as essential as the quality of your posts. Considering different studies and traffic analytics, it seems that posts published on weekends likely to generate fewer engagement rates than weekday posts.

The rate of audience engagement for weekend apparently depends on the type of Instagram account you are having.

If the purpose of your Instagram account is only to stay connected with friends and family, you might get better engagement rates on weekends, but if it is a business account, you probably cannot expect much traffic.

If in any case, you have to post content on the weekend, try to avoid at least Sundays. Contents posts on Sundays tend to get the lowest traffic and audience engagement rates.

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Best Time to Post for Business users:

Posting content on weekdays, especially during the lunch-break (12pm-2pm) and evening between 7pm-9pm, is apparently the best time to drive the maximum engagement rates for your brand.

While Wednesday and Monday afternoons tend to drive the highest traffic rates for Instagram posts, Sunday generates the least number of interactions.

If your target audiences are under 25 years of age, publishing posts in the middle of the day on weekdays tends to drive high engagement rate.

Best Time to Post for Non-profit Organizations:

Several non-profit organizations have turned to Instagram to improve their audience engagement and online visibility.

To draw high engagement rates, the safest times to post contents are weekdays from 2 pm to 5 pm.

While Fridays tend to generate good interactions, Saturday records the least amount of engagement rates.

Since every account is different and has a distinctive set of audience in diverse time zones, it’s very important to identify your own sweet spot to post on this social media platform to increase audience engagement.

To find your personalized best time to up your Instagram game, here are some effective general tips to follow.

 Mind your most active time zone

While posting on Instagram to increase your reach, you need to keep in mind your target audience’s time zone. If you are in San Diego or LA, but most of your followers are from East coast cities like New York, Florida etc, you should schedule your post with the EST time zone in mind.

Give Importance to off-work hours

Focusing on off-work hours of your followers is the key to make your posts popular on Instagram. The best time to post on Instagram is in the evenings between 7 pm and 9 pm and lunchtimes.

Track when Your Followers are more active

If you are aiming to reach a large number of people through your posts, knowing when most of your followers are online is very important.

Scheduling posts during the time when your followers are most active on Instagram checking news feed or updates could drive maximum attention for your content.

Keep Important Contents for Weekdays

To get the maximum audience engagement for your Instagram posts, schedule them for weekdays.


As per Instagram own analytics data and studies, while weekdays especially Wednesday and Thursday tend to generate good traffic for your posts, weekends drive least engagement rates.

Use Instagram analytical Tools to Measure your Progress

To get the most accurate data for your posts, you can use Instagram analytics tools like Simply Measured, Iconosquare, Hootsuite Analytics etc. Besides, helping you to find top time zone these metric tools also enable you to know what time of a day produce the most engagement rate for your posts.

After collecting data for a few days or weeks, you will be able to identify the best times to post on Instagram to reach the maximum number of followers.

Use Third-Party apps to Schedule Posts

 Instead of looking at the clock while at your work to hit the post button, you can schedule your posts much ahead of time.

There are several third-party tools like Later, Tailwind, Hootsuite etc that enable you to schedule upcoming posts for direct publishing on Instagram.

When it comes to the best time to post on Instagram, the internet is flooded with a lot of conflicting findings and information.

Considering the ever-changing social media landscape, there is no thumb-rule or magic formula that can identify the best time to generate maximum traffic for your content.

However, keeping in mind the best general times to post on Instagram, you can significantly improve your audience engagement rate.

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