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How Can I go Viral on Instagram

How Can I Go Viral On Instagram

Gone are the days when Instagram used to be a simple photo-sharing app.

Today, it has the power to put your business in the spotlight, provided you strategize your Instagram account right.

Instagram posts that went viral in the past may not have been curated with the idea of making it go viral, and that’s the thing about virality—it is, to some extent, a matter of sheer luck.

But that does not mean that viral posts cannot be manoeuvred.

How will going viral on Instagram help my business?

Here are some cold, hard facts about Instagram that will convince you that Instagram is the social media platform that will take your brand from anonymity to popularity.

  • By June 2018, the number of Instagram Users had reached 1 billion.
  • 41% of Instagram downloaders in the world are 24 years of age or under 24. If your business targets customers around this age group, this information should make you sit up. You are sitting on a gold mine, and all you need to do is exploit this already existing user base.
  • 96% of beauty brands and 98% of fashion brands across the globe are on Instagram now. So if you are thinking of starting your own line of clothes and are looking at avenues to market it, Instagram is the platform where you need to set shop.

Click on this link to see the engagement that your field of focus has with Instagram.

Steps to follow to make your post go viral

Before exploring good habits that brands need to nurture in order to go viral and establish a mammoth base of Instagram followers, you must realize that in addition to following these tips, you also need a stroke of luck.

The timing has to be right. The audience has to be great. And your post has to be mind-bogglingly fantastic.

Plus, all your posts cannot go viral. However, once your business becomes a sensation, there will be no lack of those Instagram likes and comments you have longed for.

  1. Quality content

If you want to collect thousands of Instagram views on a generic photo of the food you are eating at a fancy restaurant, chances are no one will care for it.

But what else will you do as a food blogger? How can you make people take notice?

Tip: Your photo should really tell a story.

If the dish you are covering has a historic significance, try to cover that in a short video. If the dish being featured takes ages to cook and if it is a laborious process, collaborate with the restaurant, get in the kitchen, and cover a unique step of cooking this dish.

The idea is to present to your audience something that they have never seen. Hard work is always recognized and it will pay off.

  1. Know your niche

To get your business rolling, just any viral post won’t do. It has to be related to your brand.

Say, you have a business that manufactures home-made soaps and bath salts. You decide to post a funny video of a dog relaxing in a bubble bath.

The amount of Instagram comments and views you may get on this video can very well make it go viral.

On the other hand, if your business deals in cyber security, you may consider building some content on the Instagram private viewer, and how it does not work.

There is a lot of curiosity about this tool, and since teenagers make up a good chunk of the Instagram community, your chances of making such a video go viral is this platform.

  1. Keep your enemies close

    A healthy competition never hurt anyone. Keep track of what your competitors are doing, but do not imitate. If you find content that seems to have fared well, analyze the strategy behind it. As mentioned before, post timing and its description can be crucial in determining if your content will go viral or not. 

  1. Find a unique voice

    Yes, you probably knew this tip even before reading this point, but this is important. Simply coming up with one great post won’t help. All the photos and videos in your Instagram account must be part of a bigger collage—a reflection of your brand’s identity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hold on to the Instagram followers you have attracted. If you need help, hire an agency to do it for you.unlock private accounts

  2. Participate in Instagram contests

    People who follow 9GAG on Instagram will know that they often ask people to tag them on funny content they create in order to be featured on 9GAG’s page. Maybe your chances of winning such a contest are slim, but have you considered what might happen if you do win and get featured by a page like 9GAG? Thousands of people will flock to check your profile and you’ll be famous in a heartbeat.participate in instagram contests

  3. Invest in advertisements

    Instagram has started to feature ads among their posts. If you are a brand looking for traction to monetize your business, have Instagram sponsor some of your best-selling products. People who are interested in your services will land on your account to check out your products and you will have a fan following in no time. 

  1. Hire an analytics platform

    Imagine a scenario where most of your brand’s posts are roughly getting the same amount of Instagram views and likes, and you are not able to tell which posts your followers are finding most engaging. Don’t fret. Just invest in an analytics platform that will analyze your Instagram’s user-engagement data and set you on the right track. 

  1. Collaborate with a well-known brand in your field

    You must have seen how many YouTubers collaborate with other popular YouTubers in some of their videos. Why do they do this? The answer is to create a bigger pool of subscribers. Similarly, if you connect with an industry giant for one of your posts or videos, you are potentially inviting their fans to follow your Instagram account.

In this way, you are creating a huge fan base, which in turn increases the chances of your posts getting viral.

The more followers you have, the more are the chances of your post being shared multiple times. 

The key to going viral is to not lose patience and constantly churning out great content. You never know what will do the trick. If you want a good head start, you can also choose to purchase Instagram followers and likes to get you started.

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