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How Can Small Businesses Use Instagram?

All of us know the great power of Instagram. Big companies like Nike, Starbucks and Coca Cola dominate the whole space.

Companies with big, established following seem to have no problem getting both results and engagement. However, how can you make use of Instagram for your small businesses?

You don’t need to be a large, enterprise-sized company in order to get worth from Instagram. This mobile app lets small businesses compete with “big guys” out there.

If you aren’t using Instagram for your small businesses yet, you are missing on a possible gold mine of many opportunities.

Out of all the newer social media networks, Instagram offers a lot in order to set itself different. Having over 600 million monthly users, Instagram has become a favorite among all.

But here is the problem. As Instagram marketing still is quite new, a few small businesses struggle hard to get traction.

You do not have clickable links within your posts, it is a mobile-first application, which relies more on images than text.

Therefore, many small businesses are seen signing up, getting confused on how to use it actually and then giving up finally.

So how will you go over from being another company on this app to achieve the great level of success? Here are the best tips and strategies on how to capitalize on Instagram for small businesses and build up a loyal, large following:

  1. Get Started In The Correct Way

It is a great idea to link your business’s social accounts. It’s mainly true if you’ve social media profiles already with a large number of Instagram followers. You can push the followers on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social sites to your brand new Instagram account.

This app lets you link your other profiles in order that your brand new posts get published automatically to those accounts.

Do not forget to also add your site and write down a bio which explains what your business is about without being tedious. Another great way to utilize your bio is by adding in extra contact information.

You can have only one clickable URL by default in your profile. However what you may do for that is including URLs within your bio.

  1. Begin Using Instagram Stories Immediately

Instagram Stories are a controversial feature still to say the minimum here.

If you have not heard yet, Instagram Stories allows you to string together multiple videos and pictures in a “story” which vanish after 24 hours, just like Snapchat stories.

The small businesses are a bit slow to utilize Instagram Stories whereas they try to discover how to best merge the feature in their strategies.

But there is lots of potential that you should not pass up. Just like with any great change, the companies who adopt and find it out first always reap the major benefits.

  1. Check What Is Working

Do you pay attention to which posts are getting the most engagement on Instagram? Do you identify which hashtags are doing the best? Using Instagram analytics tool could help you see this information from dashboard and track them over time.

By simply looking through this data, you will get an idea about what kind of content resonates together with your audiences in the best way. Whether it is a specific style of photograph, a popular hashtag or a particular filter.

The more information you’ve about the content that your audiences resonate with, more you can enhance your future Instagram posts.

  1. Get Familiar With The Hashtags

Instagram search feature searches for hashtags rather than keywords. On platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you can perform a search for the term “hamburgers” and notice that all the Facebook posts and Tweets containing that keyword. However with Instagram, you’ve to search for #hamburgers.

In case you want a post to show up within the app search, you should begin using the hashtags for Instagram.

This is a fast way to boost your own visibility and to reach the people who are not alert of your brand already.

The trick here is to utilize the right hashtags. One common mistake a few businesses make is utilizing random hashtags that they made up.

Unluckily, no one is looking for those hashtags so they aren’t helping you increase your following.

The actual value comes from discovering ways to post images related to trending or popular hashtags.

If you do so, your images get an opportunity to appear in Instagram’s Trending Tags section.

What is trending at the instant might not be relevant always to your small business or the photos you post though.

For such cases, you can utilize Websta to spot a list of famous hashtags that may not be trending; however, still are being used heavily.

It’ll show you broader and more generic hashtags that are simpler to fit in your non-themed posts on Instagram.

Something exclusive to Instagram which you do not see on other social media networks is utilizing many hashtags can get your photos more likes.

But on Twitter, having ten hashtags in one Tweet would be fanatical. However on Instagram it is the norm.

  1. Dive Into Comments

Do you just publish posts on Instagram and never look again at them? You are not alone.

Many small businesses spend no to little time only monitoring their comments, partly because it isn’t the simplest thing to do in the Instagram application.

It’s also hard because most of the brands look for just publishing posts and not for Instagram engagement.

To make replying to Instagram comments simpler, utilize Sprout Social to respond to comments on many Instagram accounts and your other social profiles.

  1. Create More Videos

Even though photos generate more engagement currently, videos are on the rise. Rather than waiting for the other brands to control while you play the catchup, get started immediately.

With Instagram live videos and stories, the app is now making an obvious push towards video content.

The excellent thing about using videos on Instagram is that they do not require lots of production anyway. All you really require is some creativity and your phone.

Plus the videos will be served in small-size pieces with time limit of only one minute.

  1. Capitalize on Instagram Advertisements

One of the largest obstacles that stops any small business from trying the social media advertising tends to be the cost. When you do not have a great budget, it is harder to justify spending your money on marketing.

But Instagram Ads offer a great chance for the small businesses as it is reasonably priced.

Getting started is quite simple, mainly if you’ve your Facebook Advertising account already because it is built in the same platform.

But, you are recommended to create custom image assets particularly for Instagram Ads rather than reusing same ones you’d for Facebook due to how it is displayed in the feeds.

  1. Begin Regramming

Sharing others content is one among the best methods to begin building your connections.

When you are getting started with Instagram for small businesses, building up your primary audience must be your main priority. You should start getting the eyes on your own profile to get initial engagement and shares.

Regramming is an easy and quick way to begin getting some impetus.

Unlike other social media networks, Instagram does not have any native method to share others content. So, you can either comment or like. But there are the third party apps also that offer you the capability to regram.

  1. Host A Contest

There is no denying in the fact that everyone loves free stuff absolutely. Instagram contests offer your company an exciting way to get engaged with potential and current fans.

There are some elements that you will wish to include in the contest to capitalize on the results:

  • Create a theme for the contest rather than the general “follow us and win a product” approach.
  • Make people tag friends and comment in order to enter your contest. It’ll help your contest quickly spread a lot.
  • Create custom hashtags for your contest.
  • Begin promoting the contest a week before at least to build eagerness.
  • Consider collaborating with the other influencers or companies to get more reach.

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