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How To Get More Comments And Likes From Instagram Followers

How To Get More Comments And Likes From Instagram Followers?

Getting more Instagram followers is not the solution to all of your issues. You do not just want Instagram followers. You, in fact, want Instagram followers that engage.

Because, if you cannot get somebody to like a photo, how will you make them buy from you. Isn’t?

You need the comments and likes that will help make your Instagram account look valuable, genuine and professional to assist to you get sales.

If you think that you are posting on Instagram platform, but you’re talking to yourself, then here is a post you have been missing on.

It is the engagement post.

There are certain qualities which direct your Instagram followers to engage.

If you are not including to them, then that explains the reason why you are not getting the engagement that you are after.

The secret of best engagement posts is that you’ve to post the content that your audiences want to see and really cares about.

The next one is adding those elements that encourage engagement naturally to your post.

So, whether you want to begin getting more Instagram comments and likes on your account or you are just in need of post, then below I have some elements successful engagement posts should have.

Lesser-Known Perks Of Engagement For Your Instagram Account

1. Engaged Instagram Followers Can Become Your Customers

You wish for your Instagram followers to be a very active part of your account.

More active your followers are, simpler it is to make them take actions which will help you grow your business.

It is going to be quite hard to get your Instagram followers take an action such as “buy” if they do not even comment or like.

So, you can train them to get engaged and this will definitely make your life much simpler when it comes to asking them for buying.

2. It Helps Get More Followers

The more attractive your Instagram account is, more legit you look to your potential followers.

The Instagram likes and comments that you get on each of your post is like small testimonials telling your prospective followers that there is something worth following.

3. You Can Also Learn About Your Audiences

It is no secret. The more you know about your audiences, the more you can sell out to them.

Even if you think that you know your audiences well, you can learn something new always. It is a constant process, so never think that you know everything that there is to learn about them!

If you get your Instagram followers to quickly engage with your post, you know what they actually care about. When they take time to tag friends, like or comment, you know that there was something that made them worth taking time to do so.

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Options Available For Engagement Posts

Now there are some different kinds of engagement that you can quickly get from your Instagram followers, and it is great idea to mix your Engagement posts in order to encourage.

1. Like
2. Tag a friend
3. Comment

The Level Of Instagram Engagement

Not all these kinds of engagement are equal. What engagement “action” you can easily get your Instagram followers to take is based on how much exactly they like your post.

If the followers like any one of your blog posts, they probably will “like it” only.

When they like your post really and you talk with them on deeper level, then you may also get a comment from them.

If they like your post really REALLY, they might also tag a friend.

Therefore, if you want the deeper level of engagement, then you need to know your followers to the fullest and relate to your blog posts to them.

The Key Behind Making Your Instagram Followers Engage

Engagement is simple. Instagram is exactly where you’ve convos with your Instagram followers and engagement is them replying to you. So Instagram engagement is a two way conversation where you focus completely on THEM.

Speak With Right Audiences

And this generally does not mean to change who you are talking to.

Rather it means you may need to change the ways you talk, to draw and relate to right type of people.

If you want somebody to listen to you or your viewpoint in a conversation, you need to also prove that you completely understand them as well as their viewpoint.

Same ideas with your captions.

Tips To Write Your Captions!

Your blog post image is the very first thing that people see, so it is super important.

But the captions are as important too, because words you utilize are very powerful in directing actions from your Instagram followers.

Ensure that your captions work well along with your blog post images in order to gain the engagement you want.

Best Instagram captions –

  1. Use your brand voice
  2. Are engaging
  3. Make your phone the worst take action
  4. Relate to your customers or followers

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How To Begin Getting Engagement For Your Instagram Immediately?

Just remember that engagement equals to relating your post to your Instagram followers such that they feel linked to it, making them inclined to join that convo.

1. Ask yourself

How do I wish for the audience to respond?

What do I wish to get from this post?

Example: comments, followers, likes?

2. Find A Photo Your Audience Would Like   

Add CTA in your photograph

3. Write Your Own Caption

Relate to the audience

Include CTA which tells them what action should they exactly take

4. Post And Learn From It

In case, you do not get the engagement that you wanted, then tweak your next post in order to make it much better.

In case, it did not work, then try something else.

And there you’ve it. Now you can begin learning from your audiences and upgrading the Instagram post right away to get more and more engagement from your followers.

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