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15 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram Quickly For Free

If you ask a social media marketer about what their main Instagram concern or question is, most of them will say it is about how to get Instagram followers for free.

While many Instagram users will say they do not care about the Instagram followers they’ve it is a fact that the larger audience you’ve, the more potential clients and people you’re able to reach.

Instead of an empty number, think about your followers count as size of your own community.

While you should not forget about all your other goals and objectives on Instagram, your number of Instagram followers can reflect success of other efforts made by you. It is always great to find that your message is being received and resonated well with your audience. Your followers count is a great way to measure this.

The good news here is that getting more Instagram followers is not difficult. It’ll take some efforts and some time. But, if done properly, you will have a boost in followers quickly. So, let us get into it. Below are the best ways to get Instagram followers.

1. Get More Followers By Sharing Photos People Can Easily Relate To


While checking the most popular accounts on Instagram, you will notice a common idea. All their images are something people can relate themselves to and connect with. All of them are original, personal and unique. By sharing such kinds of images you are creating a connection with the audience, which is an excellent way to draw more people to your Instagram account.

  1. Ensure that your account on Instagram is original and authentic.
  2. Post unique and personal photos
  3. And build relationships with your audience to get more followers.

2. Get More Followers By Using Right And Attractive Hashtags


Search Webstagram or Google to find famous hashtags, used to organize photographs. Then you can use appropriate and trending hashtags of your industry to gain more visibility for your photographs.

While hashtags are a vital asset when drawing new followers, you just don’t wish to go overboard. Rather than posting a compete paragraph of hashtags, select a couple of them for each photo as more than that will seen spammy.

  1. Find and use hashtags that are popular, relevant and unbranded
  2. Create your own hashtags
  3. Be specific while using hashtags

3. Get More Followers By Posting Photos at the Best Time


Before posting anything on Instagram, consider where your audience lives, their time zone and the time they mostly check their Instagram account.

Due to mobility, there is not a preferred time for the Instagram users. It is found that engagement is high between 5PM to 6PM on Wednesday, whereas most people prefer to post on Thursday. Despite, most of the Instagram users prefer to log in when they’ve extra time, like on their way back home from school or work, on Sundays or in the morning.

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Instagram is a very popular platform and your follower’s feeds are probably updating continuously. If you want maximum people to see your posted images, you should post them at right time.

  1. Instagram photos last around 4 hours generally in any person’s feed. Therefore, avoid posting in mid of night since your followers may not see the photos actually.
  2. You can even find the best time to post photos by using sites like IconoSquare.

4. Get More Followers By Making Your Account More Seen and Popular


If you are struggling to draw new Instagram followers, a simple solution is to people find you easily. Boost the ways a new follower can find your Instagram account. Some of such ways include:

  1. Announce your new or existing Instagram account to other social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc
  2. Place a link to your account in your emails signatures, in newsletters and on your website.
  3. Embed your own Instagram photographs in your blog post.
  4. Follow others and comment on or like their photos.

5. Get More Followers By Announcing and Running Contests


Everyone likes free things and this is a universal truth. Running an Instagram contest is an excellent way of rewarding your present followers and attracting new followers. Contests are really an excellent way to get more Instagram followers, so take time to reward followers for their great dedication to your business or brand. Some great ideas for Instagram contests include:

  1. Commenting contest – To enter the contest, participants need to comment
  2. Like to win contest – To enter the contest, participants have to like your photos

6. By Finding A Powerful Community In The Instagram World


With more than 400 million users on Instagram, there is a good possibility that irrespective of how niche specific your service or product is, you will be capable to find out your own people. Whether it is food, health, fashion, technology, or anything else, there is surely a community to join as well as connect with for you.

Identify a few communities that are related to your industry or brand, and pay close attention to:

  1. The top influencers within that community
  2. Style of subject matter and photos shared by the top accounts
  3. Hashtags being utilized within the community
  4. Popular engagement tactics utilized within the community
  5. Who the best influencers talk about & tag in their posts

After you truly engross yourself and take part authentically in your community on Instagram, utilize the information you collect to guide the directions of your Instagram approach. If probable, it is also an excellent idea to take the online community offline.

7. Get More Instagram Followers By Sharing “For The First Time” Videos


Videos are in the limelight for SMM in 2016. Therefore, if you wish to bring more notice to your brand as well as grow your Instagram followers, using videos is the safest bet.

Instagram videos get double the engagement rate from that of photos, which tends to be a quite clear sign that it is time to either begin, or pay much more attention to video capabilities of this platform. Make clear, engaging, and fun videos that individuals are going to wish to tag their own friends’ in.

  1. A few tips for making social videos include:
  2. Use the great power of storytelling
  3. Design it for being shareable from get-go
  4. Make clients the hero, and connect with them
  5. Tap in your audience’s emotion

8. Think Why You Are There On Instagram


Prior to you get going and begin posting all kinds of content on Instagram, take one step back and think why you joined Instagram.

Why do you require more Instagram followers? Do you wish to increase your ego? Do you wish to make use of Instagram as a marketing means for your business? Or are you simply looking to get more exposure and feedbacks for your photos? Understanding why you are there on Instagram can assist you draw new Instagram followers because –

  1. You will know the audiences you wish to target.
  2. You will be searching for and interacting with individuals in your niche.
  3. You will create clear call to action and people more likely will engage with your post since they will be attentive of what you wish from them.

When you’ve more engagement, you’ll get more exposure, giving you the chance to get Instagram followers in turn.

9. Host A Takeover And Get More Promising Followers Quickly


For most of the businesses, your business/brand fits in a specific space and advertise within the community. So, one way to get connected with the other community members is via hosting a takeover on Instagram, where you can invite an influence, ambassador, active members or employee to takeover your feed for that day.

By hosting a takeover you can attain all your goals including:

  1. increase your audience engagement
  2. build a genuine brand voice
  3. get more followers
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10. Create A Clear Strategy And Get More Followers Quickly


Using a social network aimlessly may result in low ROI and wasted resources. Instagram isn’t an exception. Having a clear strategy can help you to define what you wish to attain, so that you can target and draw new followers related to your business quickly.

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Whether you are beginning from scratch or are adjusting your present Instagram efforts, below are 3 important elements to create a strong Instagram strategy:

  1. Research the competitors
  2. Decide the story you want to tell
  3. Set your goals

11. Be Unique And Get More Followers Promptly


Post high quality, unique photos. This can be a high quality selfie, well composed landscape or anything relevant to you.

  1. Create an identity through your photos for yourself
  2. Have consistent style of yourself in the photos you post

12. Use Filters and Apps to Get More Followers


Do you know what made Instagram popular and unique? Filters. Yes, they gave people an opportunity to personalize their photos.

  • The more captivating and original your images are, the more probable individuals are to follow your account and share your photos.
  • Other than filters, you can even capitalize on different photo editing apps in order to just touch-up your images before sharing.

13. Cross Promote Similar Account to Get More Followers


One of the fastest ways to get more followers on Instagram is to cross promote accounts similar to yours. Similar accounts refer to accounts that are of similar size to your account and have Instagram followers that you’d like to draw to your own page.

  • Reach to them quickly
  • Consult if you can assist promote one another’s accounts via shared shout out.

14. Get More Followers by Paying Influencers



When navigating the world of Instagram is considered, it’s important to keep in mind that the influencers play a huge role in deciding who people follow.

  • Think about paying influencers, if you wish to get more exposure and followers.
  • Find the best and reasonably priced accounts which are big and possess the kind of users you wish for.
  • Pay bigger accounts for promoting you by simply posting your videos and photos.

15. GeoTag Your Photos to Get More Followers


Instagram users are mostly interested in images from locations that they know. When you post geo-tagged images, Instagram can bring other images also from that specific location.

  • Avoid geo-tagging you image in a location which the image wasn’t taken. Incorrect geo-tagging can result in negative comments or other kinds of backlash.
  • Other users posting images from same location might see your images and even follow them, giving you much more exposure and new local followers potentially.

Learning how to get Instagram followers is not so much about boosting a number onto your profile, but about creating and developing your brand community.

With authentic engagement tactics and some efforts, you can see your village grow quickly on Instagram.

However, if you don’t have enough time to put in efforts, or you quickly want to get Instagram followers overnight, then the best way is to buy Instagram followers.

You can easily find many sites like offering this service nowadays at very reasonable prices.


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