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How to Repost on Instagram

List of Tools to Repost on Instagram? 

As per an AdWeek report, UGC or User-Generated Content is 76% more trustworthy as compared to advertisements from brands.

This makes it a useful strategy for brands trying to promote themselves on Instagram.

But apart from being more trustworthy than advertisements, another important benefit of UGC is the fact that they are completely free.

Every single Instagram post created by your customer or potential customer that has your handle, product, or hashtag in it is valuable marketing for you.

Moreover, if you do repost the same content on Instagram, a phenomenon known as Regramming, you also get content for free.


While Regramming is similar to Retweeting, there is no simple button on Instagram with which you can share a user’s content on your Instagram page.

While you do get the option to share the post on Facebook, Instagram Messenger, Twitter, and also copy the URL of the post, the native platform cannot be used to share UGC on your Instagram page.

Fortunately, there are a number of 3rd party tools and apps that you can use for Regramming. Read this post to know that of the most popular tools for reposting on Instagram.

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  1. Repost for Instagram- Red Cactus

Repost for Instagram is a free Android and iOS app from Red Cactus which you can connect to your Instagram account for regramming.

Apart from photos, you can also use to app for reposting videos of other Instagram users on your page.

To repost UGC with this app, you only need to copy the URL of a photo or video by clicking the three dots on top of every post on Instagram and then paste the same in the Repost app.

You also get the option to add source credit to ensure that you also give appropriate credit to the owner of the post.

  1. Repost for Instagram- Regrann

If you are looking to provide your Instagram followers the complete experience of videos and photos that you Regram, Repost for Instagram from Regrann can be a great choice.

Unlike a lot of Instagram repost apps, it does not require you to modify the content that you repost.

It works just like the Repost app from Red Cactus discussed above but offers a few additional features.

The app allows you to save posts which can be used later and can also be used for sharing posts through other apps which allow posting photos and videos.

  1. Repost Photo & Video for Instagram- Dannn

Repost Photo & Video for Instagram from Dannn allows you to repost Instagram videos and photos while also keeping the credit.

Available for Android and iOS, the working of the app is similar to the apps mentioned above where you need to copy the URL of the post you want to repost and then paste the same in the app.

You can also edit the post before reposting or simply repost the original post to get maximum number of Instagram likes, comments, and views.

The app works in the background and activates automatically as soon as you copy any URL from Instagram.

  1. Repost and Save for Instagram

If you love free Instagram trials, you should definitely try using Repost and Save for Instagram for reposting UGC.

While it is a premium app available for Android and iOS, you can use some of the basic features of the app without paying.

However, all the features can only be unlocked when you purchase a premium membership.

While the app is similar to most other Instagram repost apps, one thing that makes it different is its ability to let you also repost Instagram stories.

Moreover, it also lets you repost and save Instagram videos. If you don’t mind spending some money, Repost and Save for Instagram is definitely an excellent option.

  1. Buffer

If you are looking for a reposting app that can let you save Instagram posts and then schedule their repost at a later time/date, Buffer is the way to go.

The app is available for Android and iOS and requires you to copy the URL of the content that you’d like to repost.

Once you copy a URL, the app automatically copies the caption of the post to give credit to the owner of the content.

You can schedule a reminder for the repost and the app will notify you when it’s time to repost.

Apart from Instagram, the app can also be used for managing your social media pages on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  1. InstaRepost

InstaRepost is also a pretty straightforward app for reposting Instagram content.

After downloading, log in to the app with your Instagram credentials. Once logged-in, the app will show a few popular posts from your Instagram feed.

You can either select a post from these popular posts or search for a particular user or post with the help of the search option.

After you’ve found your post, select the repost option and the selected post will be made available in the Camera Roll of your Instagram app from where you can post it just like any other content you post on Instagram.

  1. DownloadGram

If you do not want to use an app but an online tool, DownloadGram is a great choice.

Simply copy the URL of the post that you’d like to repost and navigate to DownloadGram with your browser.

Post that link on the homepage of DownloadGram and click on the Download button.

The post will then be downloaded to your mobile phone.

You can then post that content on your Instagram just like you normally post other photos.

However, unlike most reposting apps, DownloadGram does not automatically copy the citation.

Make sure that you do add the same before posting the content.

  1. Reposta

Regramming is one of the best ways to enhance your business through Instagram and Reposta makes the entire process hassle-free and quick.

The app allows you to repost Instagram photos and also download and save them to your mobile phone.

All you need to do is to copy the URL of the post you want to repost/save and then paste the same in the Reposta app.

You can preview the post before reposting and also add citation if required.

While most users have reviewed the app positively, some users have mentioned that the app lags at times and also logs you out of your Instagram account.

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  1. Media Repost for Instagram and IGTV

Users who do not want to link their Instagram account to any 3rd party reposting app would find solace in the Media Repost for Instagram and IGTV app.

The app does not require you to link your Instagram or IGTV account to it but still enables you to repost photos and videos.

Copy the URL of the Instagram content, open the app and paste the URL to repost it.

Apart from allowing you to repost the content you select, it also maintains a great collection of Instagram and IGTV posts which you can directly share on your social account.

  1. InRepost

InRepost is also a feature-packed app for reposting content on Instagram.

It lets you search for Instagram content through username and hashtags and also maintains a vast collection of popular Instagram photos and videos.

You can save the posts or copy their URL and repost them instantly.

The app offers a number of additional features as compared to most other reposting apps and is completely free.

It is available for iOS and Android and is regularly updated with new features.


Regramming is a powerful Instagram marketing strategy.It is not only very effective but completely free as well.

Browse through the list of top Instagram reposting apps and tools to diversify your brand page on this popular social platform and take it to the next level.

But while reposting, make sure that you add a citation to every post in order to give due credit to the content creator.

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