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How to upload photos & videos on Instagram through desktop

If you have lost the access of your smartphone and looking for ways to share some relevant images to your business on Instagram that are saved in the library of your computer, there are lot of simple ways to do it.

Read further to know some secret tricks to upload photos and videos to Instagram directly from your PC.

There are several third party tools and software available online that let you upload your saved images and videos directly from desktop/Mac to Instagram.

Here we have discussed four popular third-party desktop tools, which are compatible with both Mac and Windows version.


If you seriously planning to use Instagram as an effective marketing tool for your business but lack time to be actively online for 24/7 to interact with users, you should automate your Instagram account.

Nowadays several marketers are opting for Instagram automation tools to save time and concentrate on some other vital aspects of Instagram marketing.


If you are looking for the smartest way to automate your Instagram, you should try

By auto posting your content, uploading pictures or videos to multiple Instagram accounts, it helps you to manage several accounts without much effort.

With Instafuge neither you need to log in to your Instagram account nor need to use any other third party tool to edit, schedule and upload your content from your PC.

From managing your accounts, auto posting, auto commenting on posts to scheduling your posts for future date and time, Instafuge does it all.

Without even log in to your account, you can manage all the content of multiple Instagram accounts. Go to the site and select a package based on your requirement. Automate your Instagram to get more Followers and likes to grow your business.


Deskgram is one of the convenient tools to upload photo and video from Mac or desktop to your Instagram. Download Deskgram and log in to the desktop app using your Instagram user ID and the password.


The dashboard looks and feels similar to the older version of the Instagram app. Click the camera icon and select photos from your PC to upload on Instagram. The Video upload option of Deskgram does not work on the Windows version. It does not provide batch uploading or scheduling options.


Available in both Windows and Mac versions for download, Gramblr is a desktop app that allows you to upload photos and videos on your Instagram from a computer.


Download and launch the desktop app from Gramblr website. While creating an account in Gramblr you will be asked to provide Instagram Id and password. Immediately after putting the info, the dashboard will appear with a drag and drop function. With this tool, you can only upload one image at a time.

After uploading selected content on Grambler you can trim or crop it if required.

Press the “Save” button, once you are happy with the trimming of your video or photo. Add a caption, hashtags to your content and click “Send” to upload it on Instagram.

Besides enabling you to edit your content, Grambler also allows you to schedule a particular date and time for your photo or video to go live on your feed. There is no option for advanced editing, however, you can crop, apply filters to your photo or video.


From managing multiple accounts, uploading large videos and photos, editing, to scheduling Instagram stories or posts, Schedugram app for desktop packs in multiple, useful Instagram features.


Log in to your Schedugram account and click “Upload posts” on the right side of the dashboard.

Select the Instagram account where you want to upload the photo or video.

Click the “Upload” button to select the contents that you want to upload.

You can add captions, emojis and hashtags to your posts. By clicking the “Pencil” icon on left side of the interface, you can edit, add filters, crop or resize your images.

Click the “Save” button on the upper right corner of the dashboard. You can publish the content either immediately or save it as draft or schedule a particular date and time to post it.

Scroll up and hit “Submit” button on the upper right corner of the screen. Your photos and videos will come live on feed at the specific time and date that you have selected. Schedugram is not free; it comes with 7-day trial version.

How to Post Pictures/Videos on Instagram from Desktop?

The easiest way to upload photo and video on Instagram is to send them to your mobile phone through the mail or any other photo-sharing app and then use them to upload to your Instagram feed.

If you want to use any additional tools to upload photo or video on Instagram and looking for some ways to do it directly, read further to know the trick.

Uploading photos/videos using Chrome

Step 1: Click the three vertical dots (⋮ ) in the top-right corner of the screen and tap New incognito window in the drop-down menu in Chrome.

Step 2: You can press Ctrl+Shift+I to directly go the developer tools or click “Option” (three dots) on the top right corner.

Step 3:  Find “More tools” and click on “Developer tools”. A Developer toolbar option will pop out on the right side of the page.

Step 4: On the top left side of the Developer window, you will find the mobile icon (two-rectangle icon). On clicking this icon, your Chrome window will start displaying things in mobile view.

Step 5: Type on the address bar and press enter. Log in to your account to get access to your feed in mobile view.

Step 6: Click the “+” sign at the bottom of your page, select the photo you want to upload and tap “Open”. You can apply filters, add caption or hashtags before hitting the “Next” button. You can upload only one photo at a time.

Uploading photo/videos using FireFox:

Step 1: Log into Instagram account and go to “Developer tool” by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I or find it from the Menu option at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the mobile icon and choose a device to see the mobile version of your Instagram account on screen.

Step 3: Click the camera icon on the bottom side of the screen to select photos that are saved in the folders of your PC.

You need to use FireFox version 52 or higher than that to upload photos on Instagram using the above-mentioned tricks.

How to Post Photos on Instagram from Mac?

Press Cmd + Alt + I on Mac to get access to the “Developer menu”.

You can either click the mobile like icon on the upper left of the Mac window or press Cmd + Shift + M on to switch to mobile view.

You could see the “Upload” option (Camera icon) similar to the interface that you find in the Instagram app. Click the camera icon to upload pictures from your Mac.

You are allowed to add caption, hashtags, resize and rotate the photo.

While following these above-mentioned you can easily share photos on Instagram from PC/Mac, you will not be able to upload videos on Instagram from the desktop without any third party software or tool.

When it comes to uploading bulk images or heavy files from your PC to Instagram account, the importance of third-party tools come into notice.

Based on your requirement and budget, purchase a third-party desktop app package to grow your Instagram business leaps and bound.

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