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How To Get To The Instagram’s Popular Page Quickly?

If you make use of Instagram, you most likely are familiar with its Explore tab – also called the “Popular Page.”But the question is how can you get to the Instagram’s popular page anyway?

Having any one of your photographs featured on this popular page can easily get a buzz or viral effect and can get you more likes, followers and comments in the shortest possible time. Here is how you can quickly and easily get there.

Here Is What Instagram Tells About Getting On The Popular Page

As per Instagram, videos and photos shown on this page are customized to how you utilize the app. Therefore, the content displayed on this page for someone else’s account may look very different from what is displayed when you are signed in your account.

Instagram also tells that you may be shown more videos and photos from the people whose content you have interacted with already by commenting on or liking them, together with a range of content that are liked by a  big number of individuals on Instagram.

It is a blend of overall fame and popularity with a little bit of personalization depending on each user’s activities.

Although it looks quite obvious that the number of likes a photograph gets will be sufficient to push the photo to Instagram’s popular page, but it takes much more than that into consideration than just the amount of likes any specific photo generates.

The key formula that Instagram uses for showing popular content is being tweaked constantly, so whatever strategy worked a month ago might not work today as well.

Seeing that there’s no way to discover what Instagram’s key formula involves and that it keeps changing all the time without any prior notification, the only thing that you can do is to step up your efforts in building your presence on Instagram.

How To Boost Your Possibilities Of Getting Featured On Popular Page?

Are you ready and prepared to get to business? Keep in mind, it takes much more than drawing lots of likes and followers for no specific reason, but to up the number. Ensure that you are posting high quality photographs that are really worth sharing. Below are some other important things you should consider to increase your popularity:

Make Sure That Your Instagram Account Has Aged A Bit

Instagram accounts need to be of a certain age. Their exact age isn’t confirmed, but take it in this manner: a new account with huge spikes in likes and followers also won’t make it to the popular page because, when the account is new, lots of activities isn’t carried out on it.

It really takes time to get steady photographs going and also take time for the account’s following to increase.

Get Lots Of Likes From Lots Of People

Every “like” you get is similar to a vote for your photo. Get enough of likes, quick enough and get catapulted in the popular page. If you are unable to make it naturally, you can even buy Instagram likes to increase them for your account. By buying Instagram likes from a company like, you will definitely get adoring, active fans who will like your photos.

Build Your Following Continuously Of Active Users Only

It is still imperative to gain more followers if you wish to compete for your popularity, but ensure that you are getting more than following. Here the key is engagement. Many users have thousands of followers, but in case 1000 of them are inactive currently, then the remaining ones will not be doing you much favor.

Encourage Your Followers To Interact

Request your followers to always “double tap” your photo or even ask them any question in caption and request them to leave their comments. One more great method to utilize is to tell your followers for “tagging a friend” in comments to make them know regarding something.

Getting more Instagram comments and likes may enhance your possibilities of getting displayed in the Popular Page by followers of users interacting with your contents.

Do Not Overdo With Hashtags

The hashtags are a straightforward way to get fast exposure on Instagram; however, using them can really deter your success of going to the Explore tab. Use them carefully.

They are excellent if you would like some primary engagement, but the total likes you get from including the hashtags is slightly automatic and not genuine always, so too many number of likes from the people looking out for those hashtags might not be so good when trying for popular page.

Post Selfies, Utilize Filters And Take Benefit Of The Popular Photograph Trend

As mentioned before, the most imperative thing that you can do regularly is to post photos that the people will love to have a look at genuinely. If you feel type of lost, take some days to learn what turns up on the Popular Page to get ideas. You’ll frequently see many selfies, nature based photos and Instagram videos also posted there.

You might even wish to consider the key ratio between the total number of people that you are following and the people following you. Who knows whether Instagram takes this point also in consideration, but it perhaps would not look good to Instagram in case you are following 100,00 individuals while you have 4,000 followers only.

Here you can increase your Instagram followers instantly.

Take Note Of Day And Time Of The Week You Are Posting

You aren’t going to get as much of engagement when you are posting a photo on Instagram at 3 am. So, if you really want to capitalize on your possibility of your photograph being seen, try to post at the times of day when you believe people may be on their smartphones — like after school, at lunch times, after work and early in the evenings.

The point here is that post when they’re going to see it most likely, get lot more likes quickly and skyrocket your photos towards the Instagram popular page.

Use Filters, Post Selfies and Get the Most of Photo Trends

As discussed earlier, the most vital thing to do is posting photos regularly that people will definitely look at. If you think that you are lost, find out what comes up around a few days on Explore tab and get the idea. You can find a lot of nature photos, selfies and Instagram videos.

You may also like to know the ratio between your followers and how many people you are following. If you have just 4000 followers and if you are following 10000 users, it won’t look nice and Instagram may not look at it.

The Timing

In order to get featured on popular page, you have to find out how to get maximum likes on the photo – from others and from few of your followers – within a short time. Instagram just considers the trending things. The faster you gain comments and likes on your photo, the more you are likely to get there. Once you succeed, you will get informed in your “News” section.

Instagram Trends – How Instagram is Being Used Today?

So you have started using Instagram but you don’t have any idea how to kick start in this visual-only, unique photo-sharing social app.

Don’t Worry! Here’s how most people use Instagram. You need to go through these trends to become an Instagram pro faster.

Find People You Are Willing to Follow

Instagram is not all about photos; it is also based on interaction. When you sign up for the first time, this app will ask if you want to find friends on Instagram in your current networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. You can easily discover popular and new users with Explore tab.

Take Selfies

Selfie is actually a self-taking photo of you. Selfies flourish and thrive on social media. They are loved by everyone and you can take as many selfies as possible with this app as everyone is doing it.


They are the important part of Instagram. With hashtags, you can attract more and more likes, followers and comments to the photos just by inputting relevant hashtags on the photo description before posting them.

For instance, you can share a photo of your dog with hashtags like #dog, #pet, #love, #GermanShepherd, #cute, #animals etc. People are searching through tags actively on Instagram. It is not possible to get found by others without hashtags.

Location Tagging

You can have your official photo map on Instagram and both you and your friends can check out the places you have visited in the world and where you took these photos. Before posting the photo, you may check the box in front of “Add to Photo Map” option and add the optional name in “Name this Location” box.

Instagram uses data from specific location app Foursquare to add names of location. All you need to type the name of location and choose the one from pop-up list appears. Then the location will be tagged to the picture.

Try Photo Filters

Instagram has lots of amazing photo filters that can be applied to transform any picture into an artwork instantly. Whether you are looking for traditional look, black and white look, lighter look or anything else, Instagram has it all. Here’s how to get the most of each Instagram filter so your photos may look simply amazing.

Post Photos on other Social Sites

It is yet another great way to get more likes and comments, and find more followers. You can post your photos on Instagram to other social media sites. With Instagram, you can do it automatically to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr. All you have to let Instagram access your other accounts, like on Facebook etc.

Then you can post away. Just tap in ‘Share’ section and choose the social network to post. Your Instagram photo can automatically be posted to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.

Focus on Pets, Foods and Sunsets

If you are spending most of your time on Instagram, you will experience some of the large photo trends. Selfies are definitely the popular trendsetters. But pictures of cats and dogs, food, and sunsets or outdoors are also doing great.

You can go ahead and experiment. Take some pictures of tasty dishes or sunset and add as many hashtags as possible before posting it and rest assured to attract more interaction from users.

Popular Instagram Tags You Should Use

Everyone is crazy about Instagram nowadays. It is difficult to stop yourself taking selfies or recording videos of everything once you are hooked to this social network. From your sleeping pet to your Starbucks coffee mug, you will capture almost everything and anything. It will just look better on Instagram. If you want more likes, followers, comments and interaction on this platform, you may tag your photos to get your photos noticed by others.

A lot of people use Search function on Instagram to browse popular keywords. If you use descriptive hashtags to tag your photos, they can easily be found by others. Suppose you tag your sleeping dog’s photo with #dog hashtag in the photo description, users looking for #dog in the search box would see your picture. Since other people are posting their videos and photos with this tag, your photo will quickly get lost in the tag page.

If your post is found by the users while browsing through the tag page, there are chances that your photo may get a comment or like or they may even become your followers. If you want something like that, here is a quick roundup of most popular and widely-used hashtags on Instagram –

#Beautiful – With lots of great filters are available to make an ordinary video or photo look exceptional, people mostly use a very popular word “beautiful” constantly to describe the appealing cinematography or photography on Instagram.

#Love – It is one of the most common and widely used hashtags on Instagram. You will find every second or third photo with this hashtag.

#summer – For all users, it seems to be the hottest favorite season. From beach snaps to orange and pink sunsets, this hashtag gives some vivid results.

#me – It is no wonder that Instagram is an ultimate social network where selfies rule. Virtually every user looks nice with photo editor. It’s so simple to take a random click and collect likes from followers with this hashtag.

#cute – So your pet is sleeping and looking damn cute? You may want to show it to the world by tagging its photo with #cute. This tag has no lack of adorable babies, animals and people.

#girl – When the vanity trend is ongoing, lots of girls post their own photos and don’t leave any chance to do it. They tag themselves with #girl to seek attention from users.

#IGers – This tag usually includes all the posts. IGers or Instagrammers is the tag used pretty much for any video or photo you like to show off.

#tbt – #TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. The meaning is not clear yet. But a lot of people show a picture from the past and show some kind of fun things they enjoy on Thursday.

#InstaCollage – Some users truly get creative and combine multiple photos in the collage with collage-making app before they upload it on Instagram.

#photooftheday – The person who created this tag picked a popular photo from the group and added it in online gallery. It’s like a contest and everyone uses the tag these days.

#latergram – You can use this tag when it comes to posy a video or photo later on rather than instantly.

#Instagood – Generally, this tag describes any video or photo which looks nice and user is really proud on it.

#iphoneasia – Originally, this tag was made for Instagram users who live in East Asia. Today, people from different parts of the world use this tag.

#instamood – Are you feeling happy, sad, confused, and angry or have other emotion? Take your video or photo and tag with #instamood to show how you are feeling.

#iphoneonly – As Instagram is also available for Android phone, some users use this tag to show off that they took the video or photo with iPhone.

#tweegram – A lot of users use this tag to post Instagram photo simultaneously and tweet the picture on Twitter. So, users can enter 140-character message.

#liveauthentic – A lot of users tag their posts using this tag to post ‘artsy’ photos or ‘nature’ photos of anything.

There are lots of popular tags on Instagram. But you can literally stick with such top tags. You may tag your posts with the nearest big city in order to gain some attention from nearest followers. Suppose you are in Miami, you may add tags like #Miami, #Florida, or #MiamiFl.

Cool Hashtags for Every Day of Week

Instagram is considered to be the great tool to share loads of photos with friends on the go, but there are some people who don’t need any reason to post photos and enhance engagement with other users. They use some of the trending Instagram hashtags made for every day of the week like Friday, Saturday, Sunday etc.

These hashtags are designed for a particular day of a week and they have a unique theme added. Hence, they are very popular nowadays. For instance, #tbt or #ThroubackThursday tempts users to post any old picture on Thursday.

It is basically a weekend hashtag trend embraced by most social media geeks across the world. If you want to post something on any other day like Saturday or Monday, look for another hashtag. You can find a lot of weekday trends for every specific day of the week. Here are some of the most popular weekday tags to start using. Choose a day, find a picture with the same theme and post it with the tag and you are all set.

Hashtags for Sundays

Sunday is definitely the day to relax and get ready for new week around the corner.

#SundayFunday – It’s no offense to show off the fun you are having this weekend. You can share all the fun activities you are doing before getting back to school or work for yet another week.

#SelfieSunday – Want to post selfie? Obviously you may want to post selfies at any day. On Sundays, this hashtag is another reason to post selfies.

#LazySunday – For the users want to balance between fun-filled or hectic Saturday and another day to chill out and let loose, one can use this hashtag. You can show what you love on your downtime to your followers and friends.

#SinfulSunday – Now you can post your own NSFW photo if you love to share it with others. There is no offence in browsing through this tag and find out what’s there.

Monday Hashtags

Nobody likes Mondays because it’s full of work pressures. But you can find lots of cool and witty hashtags to get some break from the beginning of new busy week.

#MondayBlues – Rather than inspiring everyone with #MondayMotivation, the #MondayBlues hashtag shows how complex it is to recover back to daily grind.

#MondayMotivation – As the tag suggests, it is about posting pictures of motivational quotes to get inspiration and to inspire others. It is helpful when you are not feeling well on getting back to work.

#MCM or #ManCrushMonday – For all female users, Monday is considered to be the special day. The female users are ready to post the picture of any guy who is attractive according to them. As expected, the hashtag has a lot of photos of models, athletes and male celebs.

#MeowMonday – This hashtag is dedicated to all cat lovers and cat owners. You can just share a funny cat meme or a photo of your cat on the web.

Hashtags for Tuesday

Instagram users are likely to get constructive with lots of themes to choose from on Tuesdays.

#TuesdayTip – Followers and friends always accept some kind of advice from someone who has experience and knowledge about something important. You may share a tip ot someone you think might benefit this day.

#TransformationTuesday – There is many people who post their childhood photos and make comparison side by side with current photo to show how they look like today. They post their fitness outcomes or share some of the stories on how they have changed with time.

#TongueOutTuesday – If you have a dog, you can take a picture of your dog when they get their tongue hanging out. Dogs, while smiling for the camera, look very adorable.

#TacoTuesday – No matter what your taste is, it is sure that you love tacos. Its taco night and you may want to share your mouth-watering creations.

Hashtags for Wednesdays

In the midweek, you may want to post some of the cool hashtags to get through.

#WCW or #WomanCrushWednesday – Like #ManCrushMonday, this hashtag is about sharing photo of crush. The only difference is that men share photos of their crush. If you have a crush on a girl or any woman, you can post a photo of her and tag it on Wednesdays.

#WednesdayWisdom – On Tuesday, you may give some tips to friends. Don’t forget to save some nuggets of wisdom to share on Wednesday. If you want, you can have a long Instagram caption.

#HumpDay – Here, you can share what you do to stay strong in the midweek? You can share also on other social media platforms if you want to help your friends out.

#WineWednesday – Share some of your classy wine pictures and tag them up.

Hashtags for Thursdays

There is no one in this world who doesn’t love sharing on Thursday. Thursday is considered to be the busy day on Instagram.

#ThursdayThoughts – Do you have something in mind you want to tell? Share or vent your thoughts on almost anything with this tag.

#TBT or #ThrowbackThursday – You can post almost all about anything which feels nostalgic or retro. Actually, it is really very popular and used in other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

#ThirstyThursday – You can literally take this one if you are thirsty for a drink or for anything you really want. In this hashtag, some people may post NSFW content. So, be careful.

#ThankfulThursday – Since this week is just going to an end, it is wise to tell what you feel thankful for. It may really inspire other to feel thankful to.

Hashtags for Fridays

The end of the week is just coming soon. It’s time to rejoice because you don’t have to wake up early morning next day.

#FridayFunday – Like #FridayNight, you can use this hashtag to tell how much fun you had this day.

#FBF or #FlashbackFriday – This hashtag shares some similarities with #ThrowbackThursday. Just like #TBT, you have to post nostalgic content in $FBF if you have missed Thursday due to some reasons. It’s like an extra day for you to do it.

#FridayNight – If you are the one who enjoys the moment at the end of week and stay out late, you may share your fun moments on Friday night with this tag.

#FridayReads – For the people who love to kick back after a long and annoying week instead of going out and party, this hashtag motivates you to share what you read.

Hashtag for Saturdays

Finally, it’s weekend again. It is sure that most of the users are offline on Saturday as they are actually busy enjoying the parties and hanging out with friends. But it’s still the best day to post.

#SexySaturday – Have you dressed up in sexy attire for late night parties? Why don’t you snap a click and share your swag with others?

#SaturdayNight – It is yet another hashtag which is extended from #FridayNight. As you know, Saturday night is all about party. So, you may obviously want to share fun.

#SaturdayShenanigans – This day, you may be busy having fun with friends or family, or running errands. This hashtag is used to show what you are up to this weekend.

#Caturday – If you missed #MeowMonday, here’s another chance for you to show your cat up.

So, these are some of the fun tags you can use on your Instagram account or anywhere in social media.

Follow These Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Presence

These days, Instagram enjoys huge web presence. Seriously, it is an active and giant social platform with ever-growing community of people craves more for visual content. Since Instagram is a mobile app, people are using it all the time. Whether you want to make a huge presence on Instagram for yourself, or just attract some more engagement and followers, you will find some things you need to implement in your own strategy.

Even though you are looking for some of the fantastic ideas on how to post, you can still enjoy benefits from such tips. Here’s the list to find out how to improve your interaction and content from your Instagram followers –

Publish Photo Collages

Most of the active users on Instagram post photos as collage. There are several third-party apps available to choose several photos to be incorporated into one. You can condense them in one post. Photo collages are the best way to tell story with photos. Instead of posting each picture individually, you can combine them to show various scenes of the event.

Use Correct Hashtags in Captions

On Instagram, hashtags are very useful part especially because everyone uses them to search for specific content they want to view. With hashtags, users can sort the results down categorically according to phrases or keywords. People are looking for hashtags all the time. Users with attractive videos or photos use only a few hashtags relevant to the posts are more likely to increase their engagement or following.

Edit Captions to Rectify Mistakes, if any

There was no option to edit captions on Instagram for a longest period. If you seriously want to edit caption or just start over and repost it, you can now do it. You should add grammatically correct captions and provide enough information so that it can feel like you really care about the posts. You can add hashtags later or even tag users in posts to be seen.

Time Lapse Videos

Hyperlapse is a standalone app introduced by Instagram which lets users to create and capture top quality time lapse videos. These videos are optimized so well that one can watch them within short time. These days, people pay attention to the content only for short time. Before choosing to move on, user can take only a few seconds to watch a video. This way, Time Lapse videos gives a way to seek viewer’s attention and squeeze more content into 15-second length.

Timing is Everything

In Instagram, you have to post at the right time every day so most of your followers can see the content. Even though people see their photos all time nowadays, there are still optimal times and days in the week when your posts can perform better. If you want the posts get maximum engagement, you have to consider when to post. According to the stats, midday, mornings, and early evenings are very active times for Instagram. Sundays and Thursdays are ideal, and Saturdays and Friday nights are usually idle.

Keep Track on Your Activity and Stats with Iconosquare

If you have fair amount of engagement and lots of followers, it is difficult to track it all just using an app. Hence, Iconosquare is the free and effective tool to have an eye on your stats and access your account. You can see the trends in engagement with Iconosquare and you can find out what kind of content liked by the followers and when they engage the most. You can also reply to the comments and read with this tool and see the followers who unfollowed you.

Tag Posts to Geographic Locations

You can attach your video or photo posts to the actual locations where they are taken on Instagram. You just have to turn on your Photo Map from caption page before you post and choose the nearest location or look for one. According to the popularity of location your post can get more exposure.

Increase Your Exposure with Shoutouts

Users with similar number of followers partner up and agree to promote the content of one another in order to swap followers. It is known as s4s or shoutout. Usually, it is an agreement to post the video or photo of each other for a specific time period and ask followers to follow the other user in the caption.  Shoutouts are probably one of the most effective and fastest ways to grow following on Instagram. You have to continue posting the content of other users and tell the followers to follow them. In return, your s4s partner will agree to do the same. You must see a lot of new followers if followers are engaged.

Message Groups or Individuals Privately with Instagram Direct

Are you among those users who prefer to post several times within few hours? Some people follow the accounts that are very active while others avoid them. This way, you can privately share video or photo with one or several followers using Instagram Direct. It is very effective to contact a user on Instagram directly, instead of leaving comment on their posts. It is the best way to share the content related to individual or small group instead of everyone.

Stay Ahead of Posting Trends

Initially, users preferred to apply all the filters to look different or to add vintage appeal when Instagram was arrived. These days, the trend of filter effects is out. Instead, a new trend has been popped up, such as posting in landscape and portrait, posting high quality photos and shooting with DSLR. Your engagement may suffer if you are off the loop with people’s desire on Instagram. On social media, things transform faster. So, what’s cool last day will be old-fashioned tomorrow. So, keep your content fresh.

How to Shoutout on Instagram to Expand Reach?

In order to grow following, two users sometimes agree to give a shoutout post to each other on their accounts. They post a photo and recommend their own followers to follow other account. It is one of the most effective and fastest ways to grow followers. Sadly, it is not so easy to get a great shoutout.

You have to network with others and you should have willingness to add the content of other users on your account as part of s4s agreement. In order to do it right and get a shoutout, you have to consider few things first. Here are the tips to help you in your quest to get a great s4s on Instagram.

Find Users with Same Number of Followers You Have

Some of the users write a bit of blurb in their bios which they are open to do Shoutouts. In case user has up to 100k followers and you have just 50 followers, you shouldn’t contact them. Users may agree to do a shoutout if you both have similar number of followers. Once you have 1000 followers, it can be easier to have a shoutout agreement with other users who like to grow their followers.

Find Users with Relevant Content

If you post all about healthy recipes and food on Instagram, you may not get cool shoutout if you connect with user who posts about technology. Even though users agree to Shoutout and you may not get as many followers as you want. It means the followers of the user are interested on tech news, not recipes. So, it is ideal to look for users who share content related to yours.

Like, Follow or Comment Users Before Looking for Shoutout

On social media, manners still matter the most. It is just polite to enhance engagement that you need to ask for shoutout. It seems that you like their content. You have to give a few comments and likes on their videos or photos and also follow them so they find that you are interested in their content. Keep in mind that Instagram is about engagement. Little bit of social connection can go a long way to network with others.

Connect with Users through Email, Kik or Instagram Direct

So, you have done your research by looking for the users who post similar content and have same number of followers. You have controlled the urge to randomly comment on posts for s4s. Instead, you want to interact and engage and leave non-spam genuine comments. Now you can contact user directly to ask if they want a shoutout. First of all, you may look for Kik email or contact name in bio. You may reach them with Instagram Direct.

Don’t Spam Others with s4s Comments all the Time

Some users are too eager to find people to ask for s4s. Hence, they spam lots of photos with s4s comments or something like that, without even checking out the full Instagram profile of the user or engaging with them. So, you shouldn’t spam others for s4s. You always have to find target users with similar followers or content and start by engaging with them a little bit.

 Try to Make Real Connections with Others

Do you know the user who can really be very effective? There are lots of accounts that have hundreds and thousands of followers on Instagram promoting one another with shoutouts several times in a week regularly. Keep in mind that even a large number looks great and real engagement from the followers really matters. You have to be ready to provide compelling content to your community on Instagram.  You won’t have any trouble by keeping them engaged to follow you.

Instagram Apps and Posting Trends to Spice Your Posts Up

You can add filter, take a simple video or photo, write description, use a few hashtags, and tag the post to any location. Even beginners know these basics.

If you spend most of the time gazing at the app and follow lots of popular users, you may definitely have noticed certain trends and posting habits which are quite popular with a lot of users. Using third-party apps or adding or editing new videos or photos before posting them is one of the bigger trends. Even though the trend is clear, searching for the right app and following the trend is not that simple. In order to help you, here are the big posting trends and the apps to join such trends –

Add Text Overlay in Various Fonts and Colors

You can write almost everything you want to explain in caption of the post but add some quotes or words to the actual video or photo with a cute font. There are lots of text overlay apps like Over for Android and iOS that add clear messages in attractive fonts.

Post in Landscape/Portrait Mode

Videos or photos you like to post should be posted and cropped in square size. Almost all phone cameras take pictures in both landscape and portrait mode. So, it is obvious that you have to first crop the photos to post them on Instagram. But you can use SquareIt on Android or Squaready on iOS.

Create Photo Collages

By Photo Collage, it refers combining videos or photos in an individual post to create a frame. Some of the posts on Instagram are made of a collection of videos or photos framed as collage. Some features have only a two videos or photos when others can have several photos and videos. It is the best way to show collage of related videos or photos in one post instead of posting all of them separately. Here are some of the best photo collage apps to create collages that you can share on Instagram.

1. Photo Collage for iOS

This app has up to 120 frame variations you can choose. So, it’s no wonder that this powerful and simple app is really a popular and well-known choice. You can customize patterns and border colors the way you like and also add stickers or text. It comes with an in-built photo editor to make chances. You can share your finished collage directly to all the profiles once done.

2. Layout for iOS (Coming Soon for Android)

Instagram has finally got a grasp over the big trend of photo collage and launched its official photo collage app which is separate from the official app. Layout is by far one of the most intuitive and beautiful apps now available. It has 10 layout styles and automatic previews that can be used for 9 photos. Unlike few collage apps which need you to pay high price to unlock more options, Layout is absolutely free.

3. Photo Grid for Android & iOS

With up to 1.5 million users of Android phones, this collage maker app is very important for you to have on your device if you love sharing the photos all around the social media and on Instagram. It is the best app you can use and pull up the pictures from Google search or social profiles and you can have loads of options to create collages. You can have lots of them to list. It also allows you to create collage with videos.

4. InstaCollage for Android

InstaCollage is one of the most widely-used collage maker apps out there on Android platform. With this app, you can always get an easiest way to bring your pictures in a customizable grid and add picture effects so they can look even more beautiful. You can set various backgrounds and frames and add text too. Once done, you can share picture to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.

5. PhotoFrame for iOS

It is one of the best apps in video and photo category available on iTunes. It has around 60 amazing frames for you to choose from and up to 48 layouts. There are 5 various ratios for layouts to choose from.

You can add effects, drag and drop photos on place easily, customize colors and do even more.

It has  endless options with this app. Using this you may even share finished picture to the app and other social accounts with this app.

6. KD Collage for Android

For a very simplified collage interface that is loaded with various amazing features that lots of such types of apps have, you should use KD Collage. It has around 80 backgrounds and 90 collage templates to choose from.

You can also add some text with various fonts and colors. It is yet another feature to consider. This app can keep it extremely simple and use share button once you are done. You can post it on this app or other social apps.

7. Insta Booth for iOS

This app is designed to add little bit of oomph to your collage pictures. Insta Booth supports high resolution photos of around 8 MP. Hence, you will not need to sacrifice quality.

It has around 130 great filters to apply to the funhouse mirrors, photos, editing features and even more in intuitive, user-friendly app. You can also create photo-booth style, retro strips to tell your stories. You can share it to the app once done.

8. Pic ‘O’ Collage for Android

For another fun and simplified alternative of collage maker app, you may use Pic O’ Collage app instead for Android. You can import pictures from camera, gallery, or Facebook and have up to 500 grids you can choose.

You can also add effects, saturation, adjust the hue, brightness and contrast, choose colors you like and add custom border. Share images with just one tap to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts.

9. InstaFrame for iOS

It is yet another great Photo Collage app to put little bit of creativity on your photos. This app is loaded with colorful and artistic features that can be used to add some pizzazz to your photos. It has up to 50 borders, 90 adjustable templates, high resolution support, lots of effects and even more.  Add fun emojis and text to your collages using this tool.

You can share what you’ve got on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram.

10. Photo Collages Camera for Android

If you want some frames with different options and shapes on your Android device, you should use Photo Collages Camera which is a popular app which has some amazing ratings from the users.

You can add borders, stamps and customize the background, apply frames and add text which has some hearts on them. With all such amazing collage apps, you can obviously share your photos to your social media profiles just after it is done.

11. Moldiv for iOS

This app has some of the cool frame designs that are not being offered in any other app yet. There are around 80 basic frames and you can upgrade to 100 more frames and they can be combined to 9 photos in one frame.

You can apply up to 45 effects, choose from 80 patterns and 41 colors for the background in order to make photos stand out. You can share your photos to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and others.

Create Slideshow with Music and Post as Video

You have seen around one of those slideshow videos of Flipagram posted on Instagram. With this app, you can add some music and publish it to Instagram as video. It is a cool way to share collection of photos as video. Flipagram is available for both iOS and Android.

Repost Picture from Another User

Instagram is one of the few well known social media apps which don’t have repost or reshare feature that can be used to post other videos or photos from friends on your page. This way, you can take screenshot of a post of other user and use it or you can use an app “Repost” for Android and iOS for this trend.

Blend Several Photos, Clone Yourself and Make Mirrored Effects

Simply adding text overlays in framed collages or cool fonts are said to be the big trend on Instagram. If you follow some Instagram pros, you may have seen some other trends like blended images, trippy reflection images, and several clones of same user in single photo. Such kind of effects looks complex. But they are easy to make with the right app like Split Pic 2.0 for Android and iOS.

Use Well-Known Hashtags to Get Likes

On Instagram, powerful users really know that adding right hashtags is important to get more likes. Rather than adding them manually all the time while making new post, you can use an app called “Tags for Likes” for Android and iOS that curates most commonly used tags and adds them automatically to the posts and enhance your potential to gain likes from such tags.

Add Patterns, Shapes and Other Graphics

Users don’t just share common photos on this app. Nowadays you can find all kinds of posts with various shapes, colors, lines and other effects. In order to add cool graphic touches to make your pictures simply amazing, you can choose apps like InstaShape (Android) and Photo Candy (iOS) to do it fast and with ease without complex Photoshop skills or graphic design knowledge required.

Optimize Videos to Turn them into Time Lapse ones

The length of video posts on Instagram is limited to only 15 seconds. In order to fit a full video into such a short length, it is wise to speed up your video to create constructive time lapses. It is now a big trend these days. Instagram has released its official app known as Timelapse for iOS in 2014. There are several apps you can try to have same effect like “Lapse It” for Android.

Edit Photos with Transitions, Music and other Effects Professionally

On Instagram, videos are more than just publishing uncut casual clips of your environment. Users post videos that teach, help and inform followers on something. Some of the users use it also to sell services or products. Professional editing is also involved to do it. You can find a lot of different kinds of apps to try out and choosing the best one relies on the type of effects you actually need. This way, Magisto is available for both Android and iOS.

Speed Up and Stabilize Your Videos with Hyperlapse App

With Hyperlapse, you can make stunning Time Lapse videos and speed up and stabilize your footage to get good quality videos. It’s not that simple to film a stunning yet smooth video using your Smartphone. You may find out how to cut your video so it can be fit in all the good parts in a small video on Instagram. You can find lots of editing apps but Hyperlapse is the new one which can fulfill all your needs for a free, simple and fast solution to fix bumpy, shaky videos.

Time Lapse Videos – The Biggest Instagram Trend

Launched by Instagram, Hyperlapse is a well-known and unique app that can help you film video, optimize its speed around 12 times faster to turn it into time lapse. If you don’t really know what this video is known to look like, this app is the best choice. The app uses video stabilization technology of Instagram to even out shakiness along with recording video on your phone. Hyperlapse was made to give a quick and easy way to create more professional videos to the users who want to post videos. Hence, it removes the requirement to load the videos to some of the costly editing tools and gives the same effect.

How to Use This App?

This app is really very easy to use. It might change as more updates as possible. For now, you must have no issue to start using it. You will be prompted to let Hyperlapse to access the camera and your mic in order to record video with sound effects. All you need to create your first time lapse by pressing the white record button and record the video for your desired time length.

You need to see the recording time which is passing at the bottom when it comes to film in both 6x (six times faster than normal speed) and 1x (for real time recording). The video will then be processed and replayed at 6x speed. At the bottom, there is a button to set the speed. You can slow down the speed to 1x or faster as 12x before you click the green check on the top corner.

Your recently done video will then be saved to your camera videos and you can directly share the time lapse video to Facebook through the app.

Features we are still awaiting in Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is definitely the best app to create quality videos and images. However, it still needs a lot of features to further customize your personal videos in one go.

Editing – Unlike Instagram and Vine, Hyperlapse doesn’t have any editing features yet. In order to edit videos, users have to try a different app in order to edit their finished videos. Even though they chose to do it, the video has been saved to camera roll.

Option to Choose Videos that are previously recorded – This way, you don’t have to choose a video that was previously recorded, from your camera roll in order to speed up your videos with this app. If you have to use Hyperlapse, you need to do the filming with the built-in camera.

Better Options for Sharing – Hyperlapse is considered to be the important part of Instagram. Hence, it makes more sense to have Facebook and Instagram sharing options. These are the only sharing options in this app. Who knows whether it would add more sharing options in future?

Android Version – Android users are still missing this app to be listed on Google Play. You will need to wait little bit so Hyperlapse will be available for Android.

Currently, it also lacks support for front facing camera. It might be the best thing because the world is not ready for time-lapse selfies to load up social feeds of everyone.  Are you ready to go Hyperlapse? Now you can download it from iTunes and get set to ramp up the quality of your clips. Give some of the best collage maker apps a try when you want to get more creative on editing Instagram photos.

Edit Captions for Any Video or Photo Posted

Instagram video and photo captions can easily be edited after being posted. For users who are looking to make a post, it is convenient to have an option to add or edit captions later. It is an important feature of Instagram.

Tap 3 Dots under the Post and Choose “Edit”

In order to edit the caption of your post, just open the video or photo you wish to edit in Instagram app and tap three white dots in the bottom right corner under the video or photo. It will show an “Edit” option in pop-up menu, just between the “Share” and “Delete” options.

Edit Tagged People

Along with editing the caption, you can tag other users to your post. This way, they can be notified and the photo can show up in their profile or tagged photo part. After selecting “Edit” one can easily tap “Tag People” option which is seen in the bottom of video or photo.

Edit the caption

In order to pull up the keypad of your mobile device, tap “Edit” option to correct, add, or rewrite more details to the caption.

Edit the Location

After tapping on the “Edit” option, you will also find the option “Add Location” at the top of post so you can tap and it will pull up the tab of “Location”. Hence, you can select the nearest venue or search for the one. This feature is really very useful and one can easily use it when they are in hurry. It is an ideal option if you don’t find time to tag the location to the post.

Once editing the caption, location and your tagged people is done, you can now press “Done” button in the top corner to save changes. In the top left corner, you can tap “Cancel” if you are not ready to save changes yet. Before this feature, users had to remove their post if they found any mistake in the caption and then they repost it with correction. They also couldn’t tag the locations to videos or photos once they had been posted already. Hence, they had to remove the location tag from the video or photo.

Keep in mind that you can just edit your own videos or photos. You cannot find “Edit” option on other’s videos or photos. You cannot edit the actual video or photo itself it has been posted already, such as brightness, filter applied and even more. Tagged people, location and editing captions can be done only though official mobile apps currently. One cannot do these things on web version.

What to Consider when Adding Hashtags to Your Posts while Editing?

First of all you have to choose popular tags for your posts. You have to choose the relevant and popular hashtags to the posts so other users can easily find your content. Many people are using this app to look for specific set of photos. So, you can add hashtags to your captions to get your posts found by other users.  You can attract more Instagram comments, likes and followers with it.

Let the fun hashtag game begin. Use Transformation Tuesday, Throwback Thursday and various weekday hashtags. Users participate on this game on specific days. You may add a well-known weekday hashtag to the post caption in order to increase exposure.

Tag location to your post. You may be missing out the most important part of Instagram if you still not tag your post with the location. Tag your videos or photos to the specific location on your Instagram page. This way, you can gain exposure when the photos and videos of other users are tagged to the same location.

Funny Ideas to Make a Great Throwback Thursday Post

Thursdays have literally become the big part of social media because of all the witty and crazy ideas about Throwback Thursday. People keep on posting witty images every week. Even though Instagram has bulk of #TBT and #ThrowbackThursday posts, you can easily find them everywhere, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc, and even on websites and blogs.

Rather than posting a candid photo from childhood or a photo taken last week, you may try some of the cool and funny Throwback ideas to give your followers and friends an excuse to comment and like on your posts. The more awkward and fashionably nostalgic your post is, the better will be the exposure!

Your Childhood Pic

You can post the photo of yourself as a cute baby or kid on Instagram. It is obvious that everyone has old photos when they were child. It’s no wonder that you can take the benefit of this popular theme. Everyone loves to remember the pleasing moments of the past and their own childhood. You can change your own look in some of the most surprising and funniest ways possible. So, take an album of your old family photo and see what you can take.

Retro Style Trends You Used to Admire

You may find a pretty retro appeal to your old childhood pics. So, it is always cool to see them and wonder how we thought them to be cool back then in the world. Whether you wore pink sneakers and neon green or you once rocked the party in your school picture when you were on fifth standard, reminiscing old trends are the ideal way to be popular in #TBT post.

Remembering Your pets

It’s a sad thing that our pets don’t stay with us forever. But we all have Smartphones at least to capture them when they are engaged on themselves, exactly in the most ideal time. Most of us have photos of old dogs, cats, gerbils, goldfish, hamsters, rabbits and other adorable furry pets we had as children. Now we can dig them up for #TBT. You may remember them. These photos can literally be sentimental yet enjoyable.

Old Technology that is No Longer Used

Before having iPhone, we all used to have video cassettes, tape recorders, radio, walkman, cell phones which look like a brick and huge box-type computer monitors. Even though most of such things are used to be too mainstream around a decade ago, we don’t even think of using any of them these days. This way, you can snap a picture of your old VHS collection or old walkman to see your friends’ reactions.

TV Shows, Movies and TV Commercials that Made Your Childhood

Just like the old bands, movies and songs you loved earlier, there must be a handful of TV shows, movies and even TV ads that you never liked watching. These are the things that kids of modern generation would laugh at. The special effects, acting skills and the characters are truly nothing like what we see today. You may share a favorite screen-cap or clip or a special quote for your #TBT post to remind your followers and friends of the common mediums of entertainment you used to enjoy a lot.

Any Track which was Melodious in the Past, but Laughable Now

It is obvious that music can easily provoke some of the strong emotions in your mind. But when you play the music you used to listen to in childhood, it multiplies about tenfold. When you hear the song you haven’t for years, the first few seconds can really bring a lot of memories back and you may laugh while remembering the time when it was still popular and new. This way, you may create the playlist of old tracks or share a music video of any song which gives you nostalgic Goosebumps and takes you down the memory lane.

Your Old House, Bedroom, Job or School

With time, people used to move on from their favorite spots and spaces where they spent most of their precious moments and made lots of memories to cherish. You may definitely have some of the cool and funny posts that truly capture the essence and style of your backyard or old house, bedroom shared by you with your sibling, school you went in childhood or a past job in summer vacations. Even though you haven’t visited those places in years, you can easily use a photo that can take you back and give the giggles to your friends.

The Unique Games You Used to Play in Childhood

It’s no surprise for the people who keep their most favorite items and toys from their childhood with safety and store them away from other’s reach, even in adulthood. If you still have your old train set, building blocks, dinosaur or doll, or any stuffed soft toy you loved a lot when you were young, it’s time to take it off and snap a picture to post on Throwback Thursday. Don’t forget to tell a story behind your relationship with that toy you used to play with it or what you used to image as a kid.

Any Memorable Event from your Favorite Vacation Destination

Vacations are known to be unforgettable. They can also add lots of fun and more memories than expected. You may definitely have had interesting adventures and laughs on the excursions.

Whether your weekdays were spent at your nearest cottage in childhood or got the chance to study in foreign country, you may definitely have exciting trips in the past. These memorable events leave you stunned in your life. So, open your travel or vacation albums and take a beautiful picture from your trip.

Cool Ways Holidays Celebrated by Your Family

Just like road trips with friends and vacations with family, special occasions and holidays really make the best memories in life and offer some of the picture-perfect moments and quirky ideas spread by your family.

There are several occasions in your life like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, college graduation, birthdays and New Year’s Eve when you can enjoy some of the large moments of your life. You can find the great content for your posts with Throwback Thursday tags.

#Throwback Thursday vs. #Flashback Friday

When Hashtag games are meant to be fun, some are literally confusing. If you spend most of your time online or on social media, you have generally heard about Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday – the two most popular terms on social sharing. Bloggers, social media users and even some companies post some kind of content (video, photo or soundtrack) from the past and tag with $TBT or #ThrowbackThursday if they post it on Thursday, or #FBF or #FlashbackFriday when it’s Friday.

Though it may sound simple but there is a twist. Both of these tags have some minor differences.

Difference between #TBT and #FBF

The origin of Throwback Thursday is still not clear yet. If Digital Trends is to be believed, the first known Instagram user was @bobbysanders22 who posted this hashtag in 2011. When we check out the Google Trends chart, it is clear that the trend of Throwback Thursday actually took off in first quarter of 2012.

Arguably, Throwback Thursday is the most widely used and popular hashtag as compared to Flashback Friday. It may be because Thursday comes first in a week. It is also the day when most of the social media activities occur.

Another interesting thing is that Throwback Thursday is the newer trend after Flashback Friday. When you look at the Google Trends Chart, you will find that Flashback Friday took off several months before.

The term “Throwback” refers to a thing or person who is similar to something or someone in the past or which is related to the past time, as per the dictionary of Merriam-Webster.

On the other side, the term “Flashback” has two different definitions. It is defined as a part of a movie or story which shows or depicts any event occurred in the past, or a strong memory which comes suddenly into the mind of a person.

These definitions have slight differences. But when you get it deeper in common terms, both of such definitions actually explain the act to get back to the earlier memories.

When it comes to capture such kind of experience by sharing in the social media post, it is hard to explain the differences. So, content with these hashtags are much similar.

All in all, users who share content for Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday are actually the same.

If you think that both Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday are the way too similar to post on each day differently, you are not wrong.

Both hashtag games don’t have any specific rules you should follow and they are very open-ended and they don’t have any major differences.

It means you can post your own photo from childhood for both Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday and you would be absolutely right for any day you choose to publish it.

Due to the differences in time zones across the world, many people post without even worrying about rules.

When it comes to the subjective matter and thinking about what may justify with the term “Blast from the Past” (that could be anything from a decade ago or a few days ago), you will find many users creating #FBF or #TBT posts without any nostalgic appeal for any reason.

Differences in Brief – Flashback Friday vs. Throwback Thursday

  1. Both games of Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday describe the same activity of posting some kind of content that has nostalgic appeal from the past on Instagram or other social accounts.
  2. There is no major difference between the types of nostalgic or past photos which are meant to be published on each hashtag.
  3. You should generally use #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday if it is Thursday to post nostalgic content and $FBF or #FlashbackFriday if it’s Friday, despite whatever content you may like to share.
  4. Flashback Friday is actually meant for those who missed Thursday to post their content and for those who love Throwback Thursday so much that they love to post as much as possible. In short, posting nostalgic contents two days in a week is better than only once.
  5. Since Thursday comes before Friday during a week, Throwback Thursday is more popular than Flashback Friday. Social sharing is also highest that day when compared to other weekdays.


In order to get featured on the Popular Post, you need to consider all the above tips. This post will help you especially when you are new to Instagram.  Without a doubt that Instagram is among the hottest favorite social media networks these days. It is fast, it is visual, it is quite easy to use, and it’s mobile.

It’s the best time to get started with this visual-only app. With the above tips, you can literally make the best of your Instagram experience and grow engagement and followers to become popular on Instagram.

Instagram is all about engaging followers by posting content that can evoke some sort of emotions like humor, happiness, nostalgia, motivation, love, etc. Filter effects have become old-fashioned these days. So, it is better to keep it simple and natural if you want more followers.

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