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Instagram Video Downloader

How to download Instagram Videos and Photos?

With millions of users worldwide, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media networks where we can upload cool videos and photos to attract the attention of other users.

Whether you use Instagram as an effective online marketing tool for our business or an individual who loves to share his life updates with the followers, sharing photos and videos regularly on this social media platform is a must for every user to be on trending.

From funny videos, educational, technical, to motivational videos Instagram has all kind of videos and contents shared by its users.


What if you liked someone’s video and want to save it on your PC or mobile to view at leisure time? Wondering how can you download your favourite Instagram videos online?

With the Instagram Video downloader at Likes and Followers club, you can easily download any type of Instagram videos and enjoy it in your free time without going online.

Using our easy to use video downloader, which is compatible with both, desktop and app version, you can download all kind of Instagram videos in splendid HD mode.

In this article, we have talked about the step-by-step downloading process of Instagram videos using both the app and desktop version.

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The Easy guide for Desktop version

Downloading any high-quality Instagram video from PC has become very simple with our advanced video downloader.

You just need to follow some simple steps to complete the download within a few minutes.

Visit the Instagram site to select video

To start the process first you need to select the Instagram video you want to download.

If you don’t have the URL of the video in handy, no problem folks, we have the solution. Go to the Instagram x

website and find the desired page from where you need to download the video.

Copy the URL of your desired video:

Once you have landed on the desired Instagram page, now it is time to select the video that you want to download.


Click the video and you will see a pop-up page appearing with the video, likes and comments section on the right side. Now go to the address bar on top of the page and copy the URL of the video.

Paste the URL in the Input box

Once you have the URL of the video that you want to download for offline viewing, visit our Instagram downloader page.


Now, you just need to paste the URL link into the rectangular input box and click the ‘Download’ option.

Downloading the video

Once you hit the ‘Download’ button, it will redirect you to the download page of the video that will enable you to preview it before the downloading.

To start the downloading process of the video, all you need to do is to click the green ‘Download Now’ button located at the bottom right corner of the page.


Once you initiate the downloading process, our Instagram downloader will take less than a minute to complete the entire process.

The downloaded video will automatically be saved in your system folder allowing you to enjoy it in your leisure time and that too without any internet connection.

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Guide for Instagram app version

Follow the simple steps to download your favourite Instagram videos on your smartphone.

Download the Instagram App on your phone

To start the process first you need to download the Instagram application from PlayStore or Apple App Store on your phone.

Now, open the application to see all the videos, photos shared by your family and friends who are following you on Instagram.


Copy the URL of the video

Select a video you want to download and copy the URL of the video. With the desktop version, you

can easily copy the URL from the address bar of the browser, but when it comes to the app version the process is slightly different.


With the app version, you need to click the three dots at the top right corner of the video and a drop-down menu with ‘Copy Link’ option will appear.

Tap ‘Copy Link’ to copy the URL of your favourite video.


Preparing for downloading

Once you have successfully copied the URL of the video, go to our video downloader page from your smartphone. Paste the copied URL in the input box and press ‘Download’ button.


Complete the download:

Once you press ‘Download’, a pop-up window will appear with the ‘Download Now’ button at the bottom right of the video.

To download Instagram videos, you just need to click this button and wait for a while to get the video ready for offline viewing. You can also preview your video before starting the final downloading process.


Benefits of using our Instagram Downloader:

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of using the Video Downloader for Instagram at Likes and Followers club:

  • Easy and hassle-free downloading of your favourite Instagram video.
  • Download any video in high-quality HD mode with just two clicks.
  • After downloading the Instagram video, you can watch it anytime without any internet connection.
  • Our video Downloader works fantastically for both the desktop and Instagram app version.
  • You can share the downloaded video with your friends on social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  • To download a video you just need to keep the video URL in handy, no login information is required.
  • Downloaded Instagram videos get automatically saved on your device
  • You can transfer the downloaded video from PC to mobile or mobile to any other system.

When it comes to downloading 4K videos from Instagram, the importance of our video downloader come into notice.

With our easy to use video downloader for Instagram, you can download and save Instagram Videos on your system for later viewing purpose.

Compatible for the desktop and app version, our video downloader for Instagram eliminates the needs of following different downloading procedures for deterrent versions.

Just two clicks and your favourite Instagram video will be ready in gorgeous HD mode enabling you to enjoy it at your leisure time.

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