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Kim Kardashian Net Worth

How Kim Kardashian managed to built a 350$ million net worth?

Everyone has listened to the very popular music albums such as Jam, Party Animals and Sweet love.

Kim Kardashian has made these songs which are highly popular among teenagers across the world.

Everyone knows about her limelight life but very few know her secrets and how she struggled in her early days to become the popular artist in the music industry.

Let us know some of her great achievements and other stories of her life which will influence you to do something out of the box. Read the article to know more.

Her early struggling days

Born on October 21, 1980, in California, Kim Kardashian was a preschool quiet and shy girl who grew up under the entitlement of Beverly Hills which was close to the Hollywood’s limelight and lavish pleasures.

Her very close friend, O.J.Simpson and Robert were the popular football star’s lawyers. Kim’s father, who was the founder of Movie Tunes which is a music and marketing company, was a very famous and prominent attorney general in his early days.

Her mother, Kris, a former children’s boutique shop owner and popular socialite servant anyhow manage her daughter career along with building business management deals with her other famous children’s. Later, her parents got divorced in 1989.

Kim’s childhood was not stardom for her; in fact, she lived the life of basic needs and keep on focusing on her career more. According to her statement, they regularly go to the Sunday church. Later, Kim worked for her father company and after his death; his well-established corporation was left on to Kim and her dear siblings.

How she became the popular actress?

Kim Kardashian, changing her into so many different things list from wardrobe to a famous stylist and then finally to an actress, she has withstood above all the insecurities of the career and her personal life.

According to her, she also stepped into the business world forming a Kimsaprincess Production, LLC which released three of the most popular and successful workout videos starring Kim.

Stepping back again into her family business, Kim and her two sisters then opened a boutique shop names D-A-S-H in California.

The boutique later expanded its business and other useful services with a huge opening in Miami, New York City. However, the statement from the sisters came that they were shuttering the business altogether due to some of their personal reasons and business loss.

Her Life as a Successful Actress

With the release of the Infamous Sex video she directed with R&B Singers Ray J, that was start to the stardom of her life and then she never looked back again.

Later, her video with the rapper released by vivid entertainment that was a large adult film industry back then paid around 1million dollars for the 30-minute tape.

After this video release, Kim started making her way onto the TV screens which was something completely different for her. She debuted with a popular TV series later known “keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Her right decision of appearing in the magazine has made her boost up the confidence about her body and personality.

From one of her statements, she told that her big sexy curve was big brand part and she keeps praying to the god that she would stop developing those.

She being confident of her own body figure and she is proud not to be like skinny models. Since then, Kim celebrity status and her popularity have grown who later became the celebrity at Google in 2008.

Ending her Britney Spear’s four-year popular run show, she becomes the next face of Bongo jeans in 2008.

In the early days of July 1, 2010, Madame Tussauds revealed Kim wax figure after seeing her popularity and her bold pictures. Kim also worked as a producer for “The Spin Crowd” which was a famous reality TV show.

Then in December 2010, she filmed the very popular and the most watched music videos titled “Jam(Turn It Up)”.

She has gained so much popularity in her life after struggling from her early bad days and has come over as a successful independent woman which has set an example for most of the women’s around the world.

Personal life and Relationships

Kardashian got married to a famous rapper named Kanye West. They have a happy family with four cute little children’s. They both met in 2010 during the time Kim was filming for Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

At the early times, when Kim was dating model Gabriel Aubry, Kanye has just got broked up with Amber Rose. And then, Kim and Kanye made her first appearance as a couple on the screen in April 2012.

They got happily engaged in October 2013 and then were successfully married in April 2014.

How much is the estimated net worth?

Kim has a net worth of a total of 350 million dollars which was stated according to the Celebrity Net worth. Her income in annum is around 80 million dollars. This reality star has multiple incomes from various streams.

Major earnings of the actress are from the show-Keeping up with the Kardashians. She earns around 5 million dollars from the show which was stated according to the U.K.’s Mirror.

Besides, she also received 5 million dollars bonus every time her husband Kanye West makes a surprise visitor guest appearance on the show.

She also earns some of the money from her acting career. Kim also has appeared in some of the latest episodes of various TV series names “Drop Dead Diva” and also in Tyler Perry’s Movie named “Temptation: Confession of a Marriage Counselor”.

She got some of the dollars from her Appearance, she pads her bank accounts.

Later in 2014, she was paid a lump sum amount around 500 million dollars to just attend the Vienna Annual Opera Ball as the guest of famous businessman Richard Lugner.

Furthermore, Kim has several other businesses which include a beauty line, mobile game, and clothing lines.

According to the Forbes Report, her mobile game named “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” has generated around 71.8 million dollars in the early year 2015.

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