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Rihanna Net Worth

Net Worth of Rihanna

Rihanna is a famous Barbadian singer, a great songwriter, and an awesome actress.

She is a famous and a topmost music selling artist of 21St Century, and she is being awarded with many awards with the passing years, like as Grammy awards. The persona of Rihanna is very positive and attractive.

Early Life of Rihanna

Rihanna birth place is Saint Michael, Barbados and was born on 20th February, 1988. When we talk about her family, her mother was a retired accountant, and her father a storehouse supervisor.

Rihanna has 5 brothers and sisters: two half-sisters, two brothers and a half-brother.

As she was growing she faced many challenges as her father became addicted towards drugs, and because of which she has to look for doctors and take CT scans for the headaches, she was dealing with it at that time.

This turned out to be a great time of trauma and in this time duration only her parents get separated, which was an emotional breakdown for her.

She started singing at the age of 7 years. She took a decision to concentrate more on her music career rather than going to graduate high school. So we can say that her childhood was very much struggling and she faced it very bravely.

rihanna age


The journey started in 2003, when she framed up a musical trio along with her two batch mates. As her work was excellent so very quickly being identified by an American producer and the journey started by recording some demo tracks at his place.

In the same year, Rihanna was welcomed by the great Syndicated Rhythm Productions.  Most of her tracks were listened by Jay-Z and were sent for recording.

The CEO of Def Jam Records, was keen enough to sign up Rihanna for the next label.

rihanna career

The work of rihanna was so excellent that one day when she came for a discussion Def Jam tried to make it sure that she should sighn the project on that particular day itself.  Rihanna’s success journey has started which involves loards of awards and

Signing with Def Jam paved the way to Rihanna’s success you see today; including dozens of awards and multiple platinum awarded albums.

In the past couple of years, she’s also begun to diversify into the area of acting, and has played roles in several films.

As of 2019, Rihanna’s net worth is estimated to be $260 million, making her one of the richest singers in the world.

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What do you think about Rihanna’s net worth?

Born in Barbados, Rihanna is an exceptional song writer and an actress with a net worth of $260 million.

Rihanna, whose original name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty, earned her net worth through one of the most admired and commercially triumphant music artists on the globe today.

Rihanna utilized singing as a method to deal with the uproar of an unsteady family life. On the suggestion of her then record producer, Rihanna migrated to the United States at an early age of sixteen to chase a career as a singer/songwriter.

Rihanna’s achievements were filled with good amount of awards, including but not limited to, eight Grammys, 12 Billboard music awards and 12 American music awards.

Her other projects include the stage, beauty and fashion commercials for enterprises such as CoverGirl, Gucci, and Clinique, and many charitable trust projects, together with establishing her association, The Believe Foundation, which benefits fatally ill children around the globe.

Rihanna’s total worth is far high as compared to her age, She is just of 30 years and earned so much of name and fame.

She is an image icon, a person who has set examples for others. Now, you may be thinking that how Rihanna has accumulated this hard to believe fortune in just a very short time.

She is shrewd enough to be a great business woman to gather all the titles under her name.

Whether she’s doing her cosmetic ventures or her music, Rihanna is extremely elegant about her professional  ventures, which make sure that she’s at all times gaining in cash.

rihanna album

She’s very innovative when it comes to her work and her brand.

Rihanna, whose actual name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, started her career with music industry long back in 2005 through the album Music of the Sun.

The album was not a big hit but with this she was on the road of an array of albums with songs such as “Pon de Replay.”

More prominently, the album just welcomed her with many doors, in the field of music. She had more than 14 hits in her pocket and succeeded by 200 million records, making her best of that time.

So, yes, Rihanna is tremendously doing well. She’s so flourishing that she apparently makes around $70 million, a year. Rihanna is exactly running her tail off most of the time and with the time her sales and fans both have grown.

She always tried to give her best in her work, also tried to do some new kind of experiment with her albums so that she can satisfy the audience demand.

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Best selling albums of Rihanna

  1. Good Girl Gone Bad 2.8 million
  2. Rated R 1.13 million
  3. Loud 1.8 million
  4. Unapologetic 1.2 million
  5. Talk That Talk 1.15 million

These are some of her beautiful works which she did and keep enjoying the audience with her love and music. She has a great motivational person life for others. She reflects a strong personality by her deeds and decisions.

We all love her work. With the passage of time Rihanna kept on working hard , in  January 2016, she came up with the album Anti, making Jay-Z’s online streaming site Tidal to completely attribute the set of tracks in a week.

rihanna early life

The next great single off the album is “Work,” which is with rapper Drake. In 2017 Rihanna came up with another hit with musician on DJ Khaled’s Wild “Thoughts.”

Many other strugglers of that time get inspiration from her, and keep working hard in their fields. She has given many hits and a smart person to lead life independently.

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