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Top Reasons Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers

You have been building your account steadily and you have taken a great deal of time and finally see the results.

Finally your target has passed along the crosshairs and you are exactly where you should be.

Just like any other day, one morning you visit Instagram, and you are left speechless by seeing that your followers fell by 100.

Instagram followers

Well, how did it happen? We are here to help you figure out what’s going on behind the scenes when your followers drop off mysteriously.

Why Did You Lose Followers?

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When you lost a huge number of followers there, it may be because of something done by you.

You can see your posts on Instagram.

When someone follows you on Instagram, they must have found something interesting in your content and they like to see more.

But when you change along the line somewhere and post the same thing again and again, or when you post videos and images which are offensive or boring, don’t get shocked when your followers count start declining.

On the other side, it could be the reason that you are annoying the followers with ceaseless posting. Don’t worry!

There is nothing wrong in posting multiple videos and images per day.

All you have to ensure that they are dispersed along the course of the day.

Posting images too close to one another can clog the accounts of your followers and it won’t match with some of them well.

Your social behavior could be yet another culprit on Instagram. Instagram is a social media site so you need to ensure to maintain your social sense.

So you need to comment and like on other user’s posts, and reply to the comments of others on your videos and images.

If you don’t do this, your followers may feel ignored and unfollow you.

You also have to follow your followers back. You have to apply the rule of reciprocation.

Another mistake you make is that you become more sales-oriented.

You have to leverage the power of social media naturally to market your products and businesses.

Be sure not to overdo it. If your timeline is full of images of photos, products or anything, you are likely to stress some of the followers out and they will unfollow you.

You may also be inactive on Instagram.

People follow you by expecting to see your content regularly. Nobody follows accounts which don’t engage with content of others.

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